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Studies: D.V Collage Graduate - Archeology & Ancient History / O.U Graduate Chemistry (distinction) / Occupational B.P Graduate. Paranormal / Ghost research, studies & investigations - 30yrs. 

QCLI (Quality Control Inspector)

Founded NGRIT-UK:

Favourite location:
Rufford Abbey, Jervaulx Abbey, Newark Castle

Most memorable paranormal experience:
Rufford Abbey: Listening to disembodied footsteps of a person in hard boots walking around an empty room. Also, listening to the ghostly sound of a distressed horse outside the main undercroft door, rearing up and stamping down when no horse was there to be seen.

Newark Castle: Watching the black shape of a tall strange creature prowling around the undercroft...Very unnerving! 

Jervaulx Abbey: Standing 5ft away from the apparition of a tall, thin man stood by the side of an NGRIT-UK member, looking directly at him, before watching him vanish into thin air.

Favourite Quote:
"Science can be the best tool you possess when investigating the paranormal, but it can also be the most restrictive if it's the only tool you have. One should appreciate that the scientific and the spiritual go hand in hand when investigating the paranormal." - PATRICK FIRTH

Interesting fact:
I'm a 5th Dan and chief instructor in the Japanese martial art of 'Ju-Jitsu' and I run my own Ju-Jutsu academy - self defence for adults.



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