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Spiritualist Medium

Joined NGRIT-UK:

Favourite location:
Castle Rising

Most memorable paranormal experience:
At Castle Rising, we were all together when we all heard feet running around the castle on the floor above us, four of us investigated incase someone had broken in, we divided up; Pat in the Chapel, me in kitchen and Daz and Mike checking the ground floor level. Pat heard voices in the chapel and came out in shock, shouting for me to come over. He told me that someone was in the chapel and for me to go in and he'll catch them as they run out! (Brilliant plan! Not!) Anyway, no one was in there, and in the meantime Daz and Mike had rejoined us so we all checked the chapel out together noticing that the trigger object hadn't moved (a cross laying down on a piece of paper that had been drawn around). Mike and Pat then went down to the foyer and I followed, with Daz next to me. Daz then decided it would be a good idea to place a digital recorder next to the cross and looked at me as if to say that he wasn't going back up to the chapel on his own - which I found hilarious! Back in the chapel, he approached the cross and was about to place the recorder but let out a scream and jumped backwards about 4 foot. He kept swearing that he wasn't haven't it etc. I looked in the alcove and the cross was stood up leaning against the wall! Brilliant!

Favourite Quote:
"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future." - OSCAR WILDE

Interesting fact:
A UFO hovered above my car for 2 minutes in September 1990, in Graves park around 9pm. It was a large triangle with three white lights in the corners and a red light in the centre. It made no noise at all and moved with precision.  I've been into Astronomy since being a child so I recognise planets, star constellations etc. and I know that this was no conventional craft.

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