NGRIT-UK provides a completly free service with the following: investigating a haunting, giving advice about a haunting, helping with publicity (if needed) and giving lectures, talks, presentations and tours (if required) completely free of charge.  

If required and after agreement, positive publicity relating to the investigation may be forwarded to local newspapers, magazines and/or related internet sites. Also a local press reporter may be invited to join the NGRIT-UK team if asked to do so by the site under investigation but NGRIT-UK will make no information available to the public or press about the investigation unless requested to do so.

NGRIT-UK, its members, observers or guests joining NGRIT-UK on paranormal investigations, including ghost tours, will be covered by NGRIT-UK through a recognised and current insurance policy, inclusive of public liability cover of no less then £5,000,000.                                                

All members and related NGRIT-UK observers will not hold any organisations, person(s), or private parties responsible for any accidents whilst on site and, if asked to do so, all NGRIT-UK members will sign a disclaimer form prior to any investigation.

All NGRIT-UK members and related observers, will at all times respect and adhere to any rules that have been agreed between NGRIT-UK and any private parties, person(s) and organisations responsible for the site and whom have agreed to an NGRIT-UK investigation.

NGRIT-UK employs a comprehensive and strict Health and Safety policy for all members and volunteers, which encompasses a strict NO SMOKING and NO LITTER policy.


If you require NGRIT-UK's assistance, help or advice with a haunting or haunted location, please complete the form below detailing your situation, location and/or experience.



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