Newark Castle was founded in the mid 12th century by Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln. Originally a timber castle, it was rebuilt in stone towards the end of the century. Dismantled in the 17th century after the English Civil War, the castle was restored in the 1840s and then again in 1889.

Four rooms still remain intact today, along with four accessible dungeons, and each has its own dark secrets. The atmospheric Undercroft is said to have been used for the purposes of black magic from the 1750s until the early 1900s and the dark, oppressive dungeons housed the legendary Knights Templar. The room where King John is believed to have died also saw the suicide of a castle custodian in the early 1900s. 

Over the many years NGRIT-UK have been investigating and studying this paranormally active site, we have built a fascinating database of evidence that still amazes, shocks and captivates both ourselves and the guests that have joined us on public investigations.


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