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A thorough paranormal investigation can be a long and slow process, so to be in with the best chance of obtaining some evidence, you need to have the right investigative equipment with you. Below are just a few essential pieces of kit that NGRIT-UK couldn’t live without!


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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The EMF K2 meter is used to detect unusual (paranormal) and unnatural moving or stationary electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) where thereshouldn’t be any. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: The K2 meter works on a traffic light system (green, amber, red). When the K2 lights up green it means that there is a very weak electromagnetic energy field (EMF) near the meter or its picking up natural background EMF. When it lights up amber this indicates there is a fairly strong EMF energy (of unknown origin) close to the meter, (approximately within 3ft) and when it hits the red light there is a very strong and unknown energy extremely close to the meter (within only a few inches).

The theory is that Ghosts & spirits need energy to move objects, to manifest or to communicate and when doing so they (ghosts) draw on energy for sources close by (people or batteries / torches etc) and then emit EMF energy which can be seen by the K2 meter.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The digital camera records images digitally thus requiring no film or processing. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: The digital camera is an inexpensive tool of photography. The advantage of this is the ability to view and / or delete your images instantly, requiring no film or processing saving both time and money. However it is also advisable to use other camera formats to compare images. These other cameras can include instant cameras, SLR’s & 35mm pocket cameras.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Sound recording equipment.

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: Primarily used to capture any unusual sounds or voices (EVP) in an isolated and alleged haunted area.  They can be left recording continuously or set to voice / noise activation. They can also be used during interviews and for recording observations during an investigation.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The camcorder is a valuable item allowing the user to record any possible paranormal activity encountered whilst on investigation. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: Camcorders are by far the best way to record any paranormal activity including the movement of objects and the filming of orbs etc (orbs are alleged ghosts / spirits in basic light energy form). Digital camcorders have improved sound and picture quality plus the ability to be linked to a computer. All of our camcorders have infra red night vision to allow the user to film in total darkness.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Data loggers are devices that can be used to measure - temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, light, sound, EMF, dew point, voltage, rain, wind, gusts and many other applications. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: Upon activation, data loggers are typically deployed and left unattended to measure and record information for the duration of the monitoring period. At the end of an investigation the loggers are simply plugged into a USB port on any computer or laptop and all the data is then downloaded into a graph format.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The weather station can measure humidity, temperature, sound and light levels all in one. Thus eliminating the need to carry several separate meters.

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: It has been noted in past investigations during alleged paranormal activity that sudden environmental changes sometimes occur e.g. fluctuations in temperature. It is for this reason we find it necessary to monitor and record all the environmental conditions during any investigation.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Digital Infrared Thermometer is a hand held device that emits an infrared beam, which can detect and track rapid and isolated fluctuations in temperature. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: Where paranormal / ghostly activity has been seen, heard or felt, very rapid changes in temperature have been recorded.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The NID detects localised negatively charged ion fields and static energy within the atmosphere. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS:  The effects of a negatively charged ion field can create a feeling of freshness that some would describe as ‘cooling’. The presence of spirit / ghost manifestations in the form of orbs (light anomalies) have, in past paranormal investigations, produced high electro static properties and negatively charged ion fields.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Sound monitor. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS:  As with all sound monitors, the baby monitor has a transmitter and receiver - this offers investigators the capability to be in one room and listen into another (empty) room at the same time.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The movement alarm, with various attachments, is used to seal off any room. When activated gives off a high decibel alarm. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS:  It can be fitted onto any type of door or window to protect a room under investigation or to protect a trigger object.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The PIR sensor emits a chime or alarm if anything moves across it’s path. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: This is used in a secured area to detect unnatural movement and to protect a trigger object from unwanted human or animal disturbance.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: These sensors consist of transmitter and receiver units which can be placed up to 20 metres (75 Ft) apart to create an invisible beam which when crossed will sound a high decibel alarm or a chime. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: This is used in a secured area to detect unnatural movement and to protect a trigger object from unwanted human or animal disturbance.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: 3km range two-way radios. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS:  As some of the sites we investigate are larger than others, it is sometimes necessary to split into smaller teams. For communication purposes each team is issued with a two-way radio to keep in contact with each other. They are cheaper, quicker and easier to use than a mobile telephone and are an essential piece of equipment.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A trigger object is an item paranormal investigators use to provoke a response from a spirit. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS:  The aim of this exercise is to place an object in an area of possible paranormal activity to try and provoke a ghost / spirit to move it, thus indicating an active haunting. It is always preferable that the trigger objects used are relevant to the site of investigation, e.g. a crucifix and / or a bible would be placed at a religious site such as an abbey, a ball, doll and other children toys could be placed in the nursery of a stately home, whilst keys and locks would be placed in a jail and so on.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Looking at photographs taken on an investigation to see if we have picked up evidence of something paranormal. 

RELEVANCE TO PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: As much as we would love to find something paranormal when looking through photographs we also want to rule out what is definitely not paranormal or unusual. There are many factors to consider when analysing a photo; Weather conditions, atmospheric conditions, insects, the angle in which the photo was taken etc. Dust and smoke can sometimes form images that may appear as a face or apparition. Although it may be considered in some aspects as an anomaly, it doesn`t always mean that you are looking at a spirit.



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