A Haunting is when paranormal activity has been occurring for a lengthy period of time in a certain location. An area can become haunted for many reasons, not just untimely deaths or tragic accidents. Sometimes an area can become haunted because it was the favourite place of a person who has passed. The architecture of a structure, the minerals in the land, underground springs and other water sources can all have a major factor as well.



RESIDUAL HAUNTING: An imprint left at a location that repeats itself over and over again. Residual ghosts often show no intelligence or self awareness, they will go right past or through you without a flinch. It's emotional energy that left an imprint on its surroundings like a tape recorder. 

INTELLIGENT HAUNTING: This type of haunting is when a spirit(s) interact with the world and show signs of intelligence by acknowledging the living and everything that is going on around them. Intelligent hauntings are usually connected to a person at a particular location or the location itself.

DEMONIC HAUNTING: A Demonic haunting, is when a negative, non human spirit or spirits haunt a location. These types of hauntings usually start out playful but can quickly turn very dangerous and even deadly.  

POLTERGEIST HAUNTING: The word Poltergeist comes from two German words, Polter meaning “noisy” and Geist meaning “ghost”. What distinguishes a poltergeist from other noisy spirits is that the activity is centered on one particular person called the epicenter. Poltergeists have an intelligence aspect to them. Whether or not they are actual spirits feeding on negative energy or are caused by kinetic energy is hotly debated among the field.

ENTITY (ANGELIC OR DEMONIC) HAUNTING: This is by far the rarest type of haunting. These entities were never a human form. One of the distinguishing characteristics that you are dealing with an entity is an overwhelming sense of good or evil.

Angelic entities:
These are messengers or protectors. Upon the presence of an angelic entity there is a very strong feeling of well-being and peace. These are encountered during near-death experiences or times of very severe distress. People who usually experience this phenomenon experience a massive lifestyle change and become deeply religious. 

Demonic entities:
Demons enter an area only if they are invited in. This invitation does not have to be intentional. The most common invitation is through divination without training. One common cause is the Ouija Board. Once a demonic entity enters, it is very difficult and extremely dangerous to get rid of. NGRIT-UK does NOT advise the practice of using Ouija boards or conducting séances.  




GHOSTS: A ghost is a recording of the energy of deceased people. This paranormal activity is not intelligent in nature, meaning that it is not aware of its surroundings nor can it interact with the living. We call the haunting by a ghost a 'residual' haunting.

SPIRITS: A spirit is the soul of a person or animal which has remained in, or returned to, this world after the death of the body. The cause of an 'intelligent' haunting.

ORB: The manifestation of a spirit which appears in the form of a sphere. This is the most common form of manifestation.

ECTOPLASM: The manifestation of a spirit which appears in the form of a smokey mist.

SPIRIT PERSONALITY: Spirits were once human, just like you and I. It is believed that we keep our personality characteristics when we die. For example, if you were a mean person in life, you will be the same as a spirit. The same goes for good people. If you were a loving person in life, you will be a loving spirit. 

As paranormal investigators NGRIT-UK believe in respecting the spirits that cross our path. Just because someone has died, does not mean they lose their basic rights. They should still be respected. Spirits can often be in a fragile frame of mind – they can be confused, filled with sadness, regret, anger, or are lost. Sometimes the spirits we encounter need help, not harassment and we believe this should always be remembered and respected.




There can be many reasons why a spirit returns, these are just a few answers that we're aware of...

THEY'RE UNAWARE THEY ARE DEAD: In cases of sudden and tragic deaths the spirit is confused as to what is going on. If this is the case, once the spirit has realiSed that they are dead, they typically move on. The good news, this is the easiest haunting to end. 

CRISIS APPARITIONS: The figure or the voice of a living person who is experiencing a crisis, such as an accident or death is seen or heard. Typically, the images or sounds appear only once to a special loved one who may be many miles away at the time of the accident.

THE LAST GOODBYE: The spirit attempts to say goodbye to loved ones. People who are open-minded to the paranormal are most likely to experience this phenomenon. Most visitations occur when people are asleep, but can occur during full consciousness.

UNFINSHED BUSINESS: A spirit may stay behind if there is unfinished business to attend to at the time of their death. There is really no “convenient” time to die for many of us. Unfulfilled goals or the need/want to take care of a loved one or property may anchor the spirit to this world. A spirit in this condition will remain for as long as that business is unfinished and if the spirit tries to communicate with you but fails to gain your attention, the activity becomes more numerous and more intense until attention is received.

TRAPPED OR LOST: These types of spirits usually know they are dead, but for one reason or another cannot cross over yet. Some spirits may be trapped in fear and held captive by another entity or evil spirit, like in a murder suicide haunting. Other spirits may just have a fear of judgement, if a person lived a life that they feel may jeopardise their entry into Heaven; they are less likely to move on.

VENGEFUL SPIRITS: An example of a vengeful spirit would be if a women was murdered by a male and now as a spirit only torments or attacks males when they are present at the haunted location. 

RESIDUAL GHOSTS: Residual ghosts usually live out their final hours over and over again. They most often show no intelligence or self awareness and will go right past or through you without a flinch. Many believe it to be emotional energy that has left an imprint or recording on our dimensional frequency. One example would be of someone getting hit by a train on a full moon night and now every time there’s a full moon the ghost is seen walking the tracks.

CHILD SPIRITS: Child spirits are the spirit of children that have passed for one reason or another. This type of paranormal activity is very sad for obvious reasons. These types of spirits are usually lonely and seek attention, inadvertently scaring people by making toys or other objects move. 

PARANORMAL SOUNDS & SMELLS: Paranormal sounds like knocking, screams, music, moaning, and voices are quite common around haunted locations. These sounds can be residual or intelligent. Knocking is an old way of communicating with the dead. Perfumes, cigar smoke and food smells are just a few of the scents one may encounter in a highly active area. Foul smells like rotting garbage or sulphurs are also common and signifythe presence of dark entities, demons or very evil spirits.

ANIMAL SPIRITS: Animal spirits are the spirits of deceased animals and can remain in this world for numerous reasons, like their human counterparts. 

DEMONS: Demons are evil inhuman supernatural beings of intelligence, wit and power. They have the ability to invade our homes, attach themselves to objects and humans and cause both mental and emotional torture by attacking or possessing humans. Demons are most commonly seen as black masses standing in doorways or in corners of the room. They have a hatred for mankind and think of us as lowly and stupid. Most demonic entities like a challenge and are incredibly conniving; they may have you believing they are good spirits or may appear to have gone away, only to confront you again at the least expected and most vulnerable moment. Their main goal is to break down a person’s free will in order to make way for possession, beginning as oppression. This can take days, months or years, but time is of no concern to them... they don’t give up easily.



Below are some of the most common ways that people feel the paranormal:

  • Random inexplicable cold or hot spots
  • Air becomes dense as if you were walking through water
  • Feeling of pressure from one side or surrounding you
  • Feeling as if someone is pressing against you
  • Light touch on your face or neck
  • Hair is brushed or lightly pulled
  • Unexplained feeling of static or cobweb feeling
  • Breath near your face/neck
  • Your clothing is tugged
  • Tapping on your leg, shoulder or back
  • Being pushed or slapped
  • Being Scratched
  • Feeling of being burned or mysterious rash or marking appear

If you are touched, it can be a bit surprising if you are not expecting it. It is important to remain calm and not judge the action immediately. Look at the entire picture – it could have been playful or loving or an attempt to get your attention. Also it is important to look for alternatives first. Did you brush up against something? Did your clothes catch on a nail, a splinter, etc? Is there something hanging from the ceiling, tree, or door frame that touched your head?



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