NGRIT-UK (Northern Ghost Research & Investigation Team) are a group of science-based paranormal investigators who study, research and investigate the paranormal, ghosts & hauntings, throughout the UK. We offer help and advice, free of charge, to anyone who needs our expertise in this field of work.

NGRIT-UK was formed so that like-minded people could pool their skills and provide a professional service by investigating sites that had reports of paranormal activity. Since 1994, we have investigated many sites including those belonging to the English Heritage, National Trust, local authority buildings, government buildings, theatres, inns, hotels and private houses. As NGRIT-UK’s reputation grows, so does the area that the team cover. From its early roots, primarily based in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, we are now invited to visit locations across the country and as far afield as Ireland.

Although NGRIT-UK have several long-term projects, we are always interested in new sites / buildings that show signs of unusual disturbances. Additionally, when requested, we are available to conduct talks, tours & presentations about the paranormal, ghosts & hauntings completely free of charge. 

If you know of a building or property that you think may benefit from an NGRIT-UK investigation or if you would be interested in NGRIT-UK conducting a talk, tour or presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you require NGRIT-UK's assistance, help or advice with a haunting or haunted location, please complete the form below detailing your situation, location and/or experience.



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